Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in the
psychological assessment of children, adolescents and adults

  • For more than 13 years, I have dedicated my psychology private practice to helping individuals maximize their academic, occupational, and social-emotional functioning through psychological testing, consultation, and evaluation.
  • My assessments capture one’s unique set of cognitive, academic, social and emotional strengths and weaknesses in a concise written report that emphasizes practical and evidence-based treatment recommendations.

Call (818) 419-1485
to schedule an appointment at your home
or offices in Westwood, Encino or Culver City

  • I typically provide evaluations in the comfort of one’s home. However, if preferred, I also conduct assessments at three Los Angeles psychotherapy offices located in Westwood, Encino, and Culver City.
  • I offer ease and flexibility of scheduling and provide completed reports within two weeks once all data has been gathered.

Psychological testing is a great investment in you or in your child! The results should yield a wealth of information useful to the parent, educational institution or other professionals with whom you are working to make your own or your child/adolescent’s emotional, educational and/or vocational life more healthy, satisfying and successful.

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